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    Trade like an Investment Banker- Beginner to Advanced Trader

    investopediaPro - Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Money Management, Monetary Policy and more...


    What you'll learn
    • A market maker's perspective
    • FX transaction process and pricing trades
    • Technical Analysis best practices that can be used in any market
    • Money management strategies - stop loss and take profit strategies
    • Passion for trading and a desire to understand the complete workings of the Forex markets
    • Web based FX simulator requires basic internet connection and pc

    A beginner to advanced course for traders and investors. This course gives you insights on the tools (fundamental and technical) investment bankers use trade financial markets.
    Understanding these skills can open many opportunities in the investment banking sector or the brokerage sector.
    This course will take you from having zero or little knowledge in trading/investing to trading with advanced concepts and having a deep understanding of fundamental strategies, technicals, money management,
    More details on the course -
    This course is the 1st of a 3 course series (watch the introduction video) designed for traders interested in mastering financial market trading strategies.
    The four Pillars you will master in the series are -
    Pillar 1 - Transaction Analysis (FX) - Math, Transaction Lifecycle Analysis
    Pillar 2 - Technical Analysis and Money Management (Best Practices that can be used in any market)
    Pillar 3 - Fundamental Analysis - Practical Guide to Trading on Economic Indicators (Best Practices that can be used in any market)
    Pillar 4 - Central Bank's Monetary Policy - Impact on Interest Rates (applicable to all markets)

    What other benefits you get?
    1. To get used to larger volumes and large number of trades we practice trading on a simulator.
    2. Join a community of traders on Facebook to share strategies in the markets.
    3. Lifetime access to all course materials
    4. Personal access, ask any question on the discussion forum on trading and it will be answered.
    5. Latest updates on the markets through our website blog on InvestopediaPro

    Course Scope - 3 courses split into 3 series
    This course is the first part of the series designed to quickly elevate your trading skills from beginner to intermediate level.
    This series is divided into 3 parts to avoid an information overload and to ensure traders complete the basics before moving on to more advanced topics.

    The first course is designed for you to start trading technicals and understand end to end FX transactions pricing and lifecycle
    Course 1 (this course) - The Ultimate Course for Traders
    Second course to start trading on Fundamentals. Mixing fundamentals and technicals to maximise strategy.
    Course 2 - Tradeonomics - Four Step System to Trading on Fundamentals

    Course 3 - Demystifying the Federal Reserve Bank's Monetary Policy

    You can also begin with the completely FREE course - The Forex Landscape
    Discounted coupons for the paid courses are available in the FREE course (The FX Landscape) or in the introductory lectures of the course.
    Also join our Facebook group - Beginner-to-Advanced-Trader-283191625526945/

    Sign up now and learn a skill that will benefit you your entire life!
    Who is the target audience?
    • Students wanting to learn how to trade
    • Students willing to put in a couple hours to learn how to trade
    • Students willing to take action on the simulator
    • Students with a drive to learn


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