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    The Foreign Exchange Landscape - InvestopediaPro

    The FX Landscape course will provide you with a conceptual framework of the Forex markets.


    • Basic Excel would be helpful but not necessary

    By taking the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) landscape course you will have a better understanding of
    For further in depth analysis you may visit InvestopediaPro
    ** This course contains sections from "Trading in an Investment Bank Series", which is a comprehensive course containing
    The coupons for all courses is attached as a resource in the course introduction lecture.

    Rather than deep diving right into the intricacies of FX trading - spot, FX swaps, outright forwards, fundamentals, technicals, money management etc. it might be a better idea to first build on a framework or context within which we can form trading strategies. Understanding the FX Landscape will provide you with that context. By learning how the geography of trading centers, timezones, liquidity providers influence the FX spot prices understanding technical analysis and trading patterns becomes much simpler.
    In addition to the theoretical aspect of trading, by the end of this course you will also get a hands on experience on how a basic hedge is performed and how a simple arbitrage is performed.
    Thanks for taking this course, please leave a review and hope you enjoy it!


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