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    Semi Automatic Forex Trading - 1Click Trading

    Get The Best of All Worlds: The Power of Computing Combined With The Human experience and Intuition


    What you'll learn
    • What Is Semi Automatic Trading?
    • The Great Benefits of Semi Automatic Trading
    • How You can Initiate a new trade with just 1 click
    • The Concept of Long Zone and Short Zone
    • What Is The Role of The Parameters File GTRinputs?
    • How the GTR 4_1M operates?
    • How to Prepare Trend following Parameters and Reversals Parameters
    • And much more
    • Basic fluency with computers
    • Basic experience with MT4
    • Desire to learn and experience new and exciting trading technologies

    Dear Friends,
    Algorithmic trading has long became a mainstream approach to Forex trading
    and actually in all the global financial markets.
    Why don't all Forex traders rush into it?
    Why the vast majority of the traders still prefer to trade manually?
    The answer is simple: they trust their own discretion more than they trust the
    When you ask them directly they will adit with the superiority of the computerized
    trading system in terms of speed, performance, robustness, consistency, accuracy,
    etc , but at they same time they will claim strongly, that they perform better for
    identifying trading patterns and trading opportunities, and at the end of the
    day this is what really counts.
    I have good news for you:
    You don't need to compromise any more!
    You can combine your personal experience and intuition, with the power of algorithmic
    This course will show you step by step how to implement a Semi Automatic Forex Trading
    to enjoy the best of both worlds.
    The course presents a generic concept for Semi Automatic Trading, but it includes an
    advanced Expert Advisor (EA), that will allow you to exercise this concept during the
    course and also after you finished it.
    You will understand why Semi Automatic Trading is the future of the whole trading world,
    Forex included.
    You will understand and practice to 2 leading scenarios in Semi Automatic Forex Trading:
    The Trending Market and The Reversals.
    You will experience first hand the great advantages of Semi Automatic Forex Trading in
    comparison to the old fashion manual way.
    If you are serious about trading Forex and want to harness the great benefits of Semi Automatic
    Forex Trading this course is definitely for you.
    See you soon.


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