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    Pro Trader Network Traders Workshop

    Recognize When a Trend is Strong and When it is Not. Improve Your Performance and Prevent Up to 30% of Losses.


    What you'll learn
    • This is a concise and intelligence filled workshop that explains the components of successful Trade Plan Development - the key concepts and progression of knowledge required to trade with confidence and consistency.
    • You will learn indispenable objectives in a very specific order so that you can climb the ladder from Novice to Professional.
    • This vital training can be applied to any Market and any Time Frame.
    • Basic Knowledge of Trading
    • Working Knowledge of MetaTrader4

    A you a Struggling Trader looking for answers to create and execute a successful Trade Plan?
    Do you lack the essential Processes and Psychology to consistently win in the markets?

    Find out what you've been missing with clear, focused direction on how to fill in the gaps and get back on track.
    Organized and to the point, you'll want to pay close attention to this simple and rich training offering solutions for the pitfalls encountered by most traders.
    This Traders Workshop contains the required wisdom and know-how to tackle and overcome the challenges of Traders at all Levels.
    Here's what you get:

    Part 1 - Getting Back to Basics - Your chance to reboot your Trading Perspective.
    Part 2 - The Skill of Trading - What it Really Takes to become a Professional.
    Part 3 - A Solid Foundation - Starting with the End in Mind
    Part 4 - The Trading Business - How to Compete and Win in Forex
    Part 5 - Process and Outcome - Staying Consistent and Focused
    Part 6 - Building a Trading System - Creating and Executing a Trading System
    Part 7 - Mind over Markets - Developing and Keeping a Trading Mindset
    Part 8 - Biology of Beliefs - How to Make Winning a Habit
    Part 9 - Profitable Trading - Calculating a Positive Result
    Like all Pro Trader Network Courses, this one All Killer and No Filler!

    Contact me for a Coupon for a 50% Course Discount off of the FULL $20 PRICE.

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