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    Pro Trader Network Skill Builder Series

    How To Develop a Winning Trading Mindset


    What you'll learn
    • Skills, Tips and Methods to keep your trading Consistent and Profitable.
    • This Series of 30 Short Videos is a rapid fire refresher presenting tactics and processes Pros use to stay at the top of their game.
    • Created to establish, advance and maintain momentum in your Trade Plan Development.
    • Basic Understanding of Forex Trading

    We don't always need long lectures to fortify our approach to the markets and keep us in tune.
    This Skill Builders Course uses a quick, shotgun style to address Trading Topics and Issues Traders encounter everyday.
    It is designed to refresh your Trading Mindset and overcome the burnout, confusion and "noise" that can cloud decision making.
    The content is delivered from a Coaching Perspective to reinforce things you may already know, but often get lost in the daily clutter.

    Highlights include:

    Filled with facts and actionable ideas, this information can help fast track your Trading Learning Curve and Steady Your Concentration.


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