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    Pro Trader Network Excel Course 2.0

    All you need to know. And what you DON'T need to know to start trading the Smart Casual Trading Method™


    What you'll learn
    • You will learn Simple, Proven Concepts and Time Tested Principles and how to apply them with Consistency and Profitability in the Forex Market.
    • Discover the Skills and Techniques that Pros use everyday to trade successfully with easy to understand and comprehensive Videos and Reference Documents.
    • Acquire the ability to engage the Market with a solid Trade Plan and balanced Trading Psychology.
    • We cover everything from the very Basics to Intermediate and Advanced Methods and Strategies for a complete Professional Trading Education.
    • Includes Proven Trading Systems, Indicators, Templates, Risk Management and complete Rules of Engagement for Entering and Exiting trades.
    • Multiple uncomplicated approaches and tactics for any trading personality and lifestyle.
    • Basic Computer Skills
    • Basic Understanding of Currency Trading
    • Working Knowledge of MetaTrader4 Trading Platform

    Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect . . .
    A complete and ultimate guide to becoming a Professional Trader with multiple systems, strategies and tools for successfully trading Real Money in the Forex Markets.

    The Excel Course 2.0 is specifically designed to give you everything you will need to become a consistent and profitable Trader with clear and actionable processes and methods. Pros keep it uncomplicated and straightforward. That's what you'll find here.

    Here are the Chapters in the Excel Course 2.0:

    Chapter 1 - Trading Essentials
    We start at the very beginning – with the Basics - to give new traders a first glimpse of the Forex Market and what is required to begin their trading journey.
    Chapter 2 Multiplying Profits
    We build on the Basics to increase trading opportunities and profits through Position Sizing, Multiple Pairs, Multiple Time Frames and other techniques that will expand your knowledge and increase your Trading I.Q.
    Chapter 3 Moving Toward Pro
    We apply Price Action and Predictive Analysis training to create your edge and get you in the flow of the action.
    Chapter 4 Next Level Strategies
    We add Pro Level techniques to your arsenal to make you a profit machine in any market.
    We also share the best trading psychology approaches that will synchronize your mind to master the focus and control needed to create your trading legacy.
    Chapter 5 The Finish Line
    We funnel down the important takeaways in Final Thoughts, Guidelines and Reference Documents to advance and maintain your Trading Momentum.
    It's up to YOU!
    The Pro Trader Network Excel 2.0 Course is Self-Paced and designed to provide a “Turn-Key” Trading Education. You have the opportunity to be truly independent. You won’t have to rely on anyone or anything for your trading career – it’s all right here! The course is based on Proven Concepts and Time Tested Principles with New Ideas that can get you where you need to be in the shortest time possible. We only focus on the simple and important tools that Pros use everyday. It’s really up to you.
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