Набор My Forex Strategy that win consistently over and over

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    My Forex Strategy that win consistently over and over

    You will learn my my main forex strategy including time management, bet size management, emotion control and more


    What you'll learn
    • At the end of my course, student will learn my forex strategy that are consistently winning
    • Student will learn my time management strategy
    • Student will learn my money management strategy
    • Student will learn my emotion control strategy
    • Student need to know how to open forex account themselves
    • Student need to know the basic such as buy, sell , setting TP, setting SL

    What the Course Offer
    My course will show you my main forex strategy that help me consistently winning over long period of time. My trading profile is on zulutrade, just go to zulutrade and search for "extreme safety first", feel free to check my result before joining my course.
    Unfortunately this course is not for absolute beginner. I will not teach you how to open account or how to click the buy sell button or how to set TP or SL. Before joining this course you should have already opened a forex account by yourself and already have at least few days or months of trading experience.
    If you already have trading experience but are unable to consistently profit from the market then this is the course for you.
    I will first teach you my main strategy and then will show you my money management strategy and time management strategy. I will also show you how to do emotion control when you are in a long losing streak. Finally I will do case study on 3 major pair that I trade regularly and teach you how to propery train yourself before you go for the kill.


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