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  1. SkyNet

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    MetaTrader4 Platform Training

    Getting a good understanding of the MT4 features and how to use them.


    What you'll learn
    • Execute trades
    • Open Charts
    • How to add indicators, scripts & Expert Advisors (EAs)
    • How to save Templates and setup Profiles
    • How to add trendlines, support/resistance lines
    • Edit Indicators
    • Customize chart settings
    • Partial closing a trade already open
    • The platform is needed in order to do the course. It is provided freely and details on how to download and install are provided in the course.

    This course goes through the different features available in MetaTrader4, how to use them, and what are the best ways to use them.
    Within this you will learn to master the actions of:
    Placing Trades
    Setting Stoploss & Target Levels
    Adding Trendlines, shapes and more
    Creating Profiles and Templates for charts which saves a load of time
    How to add multiple indicators on charts
    Customizing Indicator settings
    How to set Timeframes
    How to Troubleshoot connection issues

    Everything in this course is set up to help you better use the full potential of the powerfull MT4 trading platform. The first Key in Mastering Forex is to Master the Platform!
    Included in this course are PPT explanations on the features as well as video content showing how to implement the different functions.
    Bonus Content Includes a discount coupon on one of our other courses.


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