Набор Master The Psychology of Forex & Binary Options Trading

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    Master The Psychology of Forex & Binary Options Trading

    Get started trading on the #1 financial market and gain the skills to become a successful FX trader!


    What you'll learn
    • Manage their emotions during live trading
    • Recognize & disrupt emotional influence
    • Remain calm in stressful situations
    • Avoid taking impulsive trades
    • Avoid over trading
    • Develop the discipline of strict money management
    • Improve entry timing for better strike rates
    • A basic understand of Forex or Binary Options trading

    Have you ever been in a situation where a series of winning trades have caused you to start increasing the size of your investments? Only for the next couple of trades to lose and wipe out all of your profit
    Have you ever been in a situation where the frustration of losing has caused you to start chasing your losses? Do you ever find yourself taking impulsive trades that you wouldn’t normally take in a calmer state of mind?
    Do you ever find yourself over trading even though you promised yourself that you wouldn’t do it? Have you ever walked away from a disastrous trading session where you made countless irrational decisions and thought, “what the hell came over me?’
    In section 1 I explain the role that mass psychology plays in determining the direction of market movement. I also explain the role that our individual psychology plays when it comes to processing information and interpreting chart data
    In section 2 I delve a little deeper into individual psychology and explain how our default mental programing dictates the emotions we feel and the decisions we make when trading. In section 3 I cover the elements of human emotion and explain how to recognize and disrupt rash behavior before it causes you to make impulsive or irrational decisions. I also introduce the building blocks of emotional intelligence
    In section 4 I explain the key differences between conscious willpower and subconscious habits and outline how to bridge the mental gaps between the 2. And in section 5, I explain how you can take all of the content contained in the program and embed it subconsciously so that you can automatically implement it in your own trading
    I’ll also show you how to develop a workable strategy that will drastically improve your performance, boost your win percentage, and set you on your way to consistent profit


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