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    Learn to Trade Forex - from Beginner to Professional

    Transform your trading into a carefree, relaxing, profitably hobby!


    What you'll learn
    • Trade any asset class in any market…from only 10 minutes “work” a day
    • Understand and execute trading strategies used by successful trading professionals worldwide
    • Transform your trading into a carefree and relaxing hobby
    • Gain a rock solid understanding of how to analyse markets
    • Be able to identify trade set-ups with high profit potential
    • A realistic “fluff free” style that is proven to work
    • Enjoy the most time efficient style of trading available
    • Always keep the risk low but the profit potential huge
    • Numerous trade examples to underpin learning
    • Our Courses are all CPD accredited and are presented by traders who are accredited by the STA
    • Enjoy lifetime access
    • Relax with our 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Being open minded to learning new concepts
    • Basic maths (addition, subtraction, and division)

    If you are ready to transform what is a stomach-churning, costly exercise into a carefree, relaxing and profitable hobby, then let The Lazy Trader help you.
    We specialise in mentoring busy private investors – from all walks of life – the art of profitable trading from as little as ten minutes a day through our accredited online training courses which have been especially designed to cater to all levels of ability.
    This course’s syllabus has been written by STA Accredited fund-level traders who have a combined experience of over 40 years trading financial markets. The course will provide a comprehensive yet concise introduction to trading and will outline the common pitfalls that 90% of have-a-go traders fall into before they blow up their account and walk away, and will progress onto the more advanced elements of financial markets trading.
    Furthermore, we will teach you the rock-solid strategies, market philosophies and methods of analysis that has helped thousands of people worldwide so that you too can view the market through the lens of professional traders and profit alongside them too.
    We teach you the necessary skills required to enjoy realistic, healthy returns without the hype and hyperbole.
    This course offers a complete solution for those who want to successfully trade any instrument (foreign exchange, commodities and stocks) in any market and is as well suited to a complete notice as it is a seasoned professional who wants to tweak their current approach.


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