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    Learn Forex Trading

    Proven ALGO since 2012, Making Profit through Forex Trading in the easiest way without indicators with manual ALGO style


    What you'll learn
    • Develop basic strategies for their trades.
    • Understand how to read Forex charts and trade based off what they observe.
    • Trade from basic BUY/SELL signals that are learned.
    • Students need to have a basic/general understanding of investing.
    • Students are recommended to have a common knowledge of trading in the marketplace.
    • Students need a willingness to learn!

    Welcome to Forex Trading 101! Each video lesson that I have in this course is some fast paced - but fun - learning so we can keep on track and not get bogged down by powerpoint or attention span loss! That being said, each subsection under the modules may have several videos and learning classes attached to them to keep the time as manageable as I could for you.
    This course is geared towards a more fast-paced approach to Forex trading, chart analysis, and strategy analysis ultimately culminating in a basic but well rounded course so you can have a firm foundation in Forex trading.
    Get pumped up! We will go through some steps in more detail than others, however the topics we will cover is as follows:
    Module 1: Getting Started
    *Forex Market, currencies, and participants
    *Learning about leverage, lot size, and pips
    *Forex risks and benefits
    *What you will need and different platforms available to trade from
    Module 2: Forex Basics
    *Chart basics and reading Forex quotes
    *Common and uncommon currency pairs, buying/selling, and candlesticks
    *Placing a trade
    *QUIZ 1
    *QUIZ 2
    Module 3: Fundamental Indicators - Economic and Market
    *Consumer Spending
    *Industrial Indicators
    *Balance of Trade
    Module 4: Technical Analysis and Indicators - My favorite
    *Bollinger Bands
    *Alligator Analysis
    *Trend Indicators and Analysis
    *Elliott Wave Theory and Approach
    Module 5: Putting it all together
    *Risk/Reward and profit/loss
    *Trading trends, scalping, consolidating markets, types of trading
    *Combining technical indicators with trading types
    *Journal your trades!


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