Набор Launch Your Multi Strategy Forex Trading Robot - No Coding!

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    Launch Your Multi Strategy Forex Trading Robot - No Coding!

    Learn how to set up your own VPS easily to run your trading robots round the clock!


    What you'll learn
    • 3 hours course including 21 Great lectures
    • Understand The Fundamental Forms of The Forex Market: Trending and Ranging
    • Implement Trading Strategies For Trending or Ranging Forex Market
    • Design, Backtest and Analyze A Trending Case Study
    • Design, Backtest and Analyze A Ranging Case Study
    • Set The GTRinputs to Run Multiple Processes/ Strategies
    • Combining Complimentary Trending AND Ranging Strategies In The Same MT4 Expert Advisor
    • Design,Backtest, And Analyze A Symmetric, Dual Strategy EA
    • Design,Backtest, And Analyze An Asymmetric, Dual Strategy EA
    • Run More Than 2 Strategies Under The Same MT4 Expert Advisor
    • Design and Test Your Own, Multiple Strategies, Forex Robot
    • Basic Forex Trading Experience
    • Basic Knowledge of Meta Trader 4
    • Basic Knowledge Of The GTR

    Multi Strategy GTR Algo Trading - Now a Reality!
    Initially it looked like a wild dream:
    You must admit: this is unheard of in the Forex trading landscape.
    But now - a reality.
    You don't need to "bet" on a single strategy, now you can combine several
    strategies under the same MT4 EA !
    In this course I'm going to show you, step-by-step, how to launch your own
    style multi strategies robot.
    The best part is: you will be surprised (even amazed). how easy it is.
    No rocket science, just a few simple rules to follow in the GTRinputs configuration.
    As a graduate of the basic course that introduced you with the GTR wonders
    (Forex Traders - Create your First Trading Robot. No Coding !), you better appreciate
    now, how powerful and flexible the GTR is.
    It literally provides you with unlimited possibilities to launch a Forex trading robot
    that will be specifically tailored to your preferences:
    Now you can ad another level of sophistication to your Forex trading - Run the GTR
    with multiple strategies, each aiming different Take Profit conditions.
    See you inside.


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