Набор How to Trade the Forex Weekend GAP like a Pro

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    How to Trade the Forex Weekend GAP like a Pro

    Learn to trade the financial markets with a professional by your side the entire journey, change starts now.


    What you'll learn
    • Understand exactly how the Forex Weekend Gap is traded
    • Know the best broker selection criteria for this particular trade
    • Select the best currencies for this particular trade
    • Manage spread widening done by most Brokers
    • Use the spread to plan your trades
    • Know what size and kind of stops to use
    • Know what size and kind of exit strategies (targets) to use
    • Understand what role currency volatility plays
    • Position size trades for unknown and variable Gap sizes
    • Evaluate Forex trading conditions should be avoided
    • Obtain a weekly review newsletter with Weekend Gap guidance
    • Obtain a free MT4 Weekend Gap trading robot to automate this trade
    • Participate in a specific Weekend Gap Forum to discuss this trade
    • Trade as many currencies as you like at the same time
    • Understand why it is dangerous to trade on a Monday morning before spreads normalise
    • The course assumes Forex trading experience. Students that have already placed Forex trades will best benefit from the knowledge and experience shared in this course

    This course is about trading one of the most reliable Forex trades of all time. Statistically over 80% of Weekend Gap close (Reach the Friday closing price levels on a Monday). So all you have to do is trade the Monday price back to the Friday price. Sounds so easy.
    To trade the Weekend Gap like a Pro, however, you need to be more thorough. You need to consider factors such as currency selection, normal spreads and widened spreads, Stop methods and sizes, Target methods and sizes, position/lot sizing and risk management, currency and market volatility, environmental factors and many more considerations that are covered in the course.
    There could be over 20 currencies experiencing gaps on a Monday morning. Trading so many currencies all at once can be done manually but this process is best automated using a MT4 Robot which is included free of charge to students who complete the course.
    All the information sources and robots used in the course are available for free. All you will need is a demo Forex trading account which you can also get for free from your favourite broker.
    The course is structured on a logical and easy to follow basis to enable you to start trading the next Weekend Gap opportunity with confidence immediately upon completion. It should take no longer than an hour to complete the course.
    It is presented by an experienced Forex trader who has been trading this trade for over 10 years.
    If you have been battling to find a Forex trading method that stacks the odds in your favour, this method should restore your confidence and belief in your own Forex trading. In essence this is a very simple Forex trade that must be traded with thought, knowledge, preparation and lastly respect for the Forex Market.


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