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    How to trade Forex with PortfolioEA of 100 GBPUSD strategies

    Automate your Forex Trading using the Generic Trading Robot even if you have zero development experience!


    What you'll learn
    • How to trade Forex with Portfolio Expert Advisors as a professional trader
    • Build Portfolio Expert Advisors without progamming skills needed
    • Create your own trading strategies based on your broker's data
    • Use properly the broker's data and perform correct backtesting
    • Get to know Meta Trader platform as the most popular algo trading platform
    • Place properly the Portfolio Expert Advisors on the Meta Trader platform
    • Follow the results with all strategies easily and remove the losing ones
    • Trade only the profitable strategies for the current market conditions
    • Constant internet connection and MetaTrader installed
    • You will be taught the complete process of trading with Portfolio Experts
    • No previous expereince in trading is needed. A begginner can manage it
    • No programming skills - you will get the Robots ready for trading

    How to trade Forex?
    This is the question that many traders ask themselves daily, and in this course, I will give you the answer.
    Hello! I am Petko Aleksandrov, head trader at Forex Academy and in this course I will teach you the most recent method we use for trading on the Forex market. Daily we have many students joining which makes me extremely happy. This month I decided to create a sweet and short course for the GBPUSD which will teach you to use Portfolio Expert Advisors and you will actually receive such with the course.
    Trading portfolio Expert Advisors is the newest technology in Algorithmic trading.
    With this course, you will receive such 3 Portfolio Experts with 100 strategies for the GBPUSD inside. To trade 100 strategies simultaneously is impossible for manual trading. But with Expert Advisors it is easy and no programming skills or trading experience is needed. More, I will update the course with new 100 strategies every month, and you will trade just automatically.

    How is it possible to trade with 100 strategies?
    The Expert Advisors are automated strategies and it is very easy to use them. Once compiled all you need to do is to place them over the chart. They trade with much higher accuracy and they trade 24 hours from Monday till Friday. Something impossible for manual trading.
    More, the Portfolio Expert Advisors combine many single Expert Advisors into one. This way we can place many strategies on a single chart window in Meta Trader. This method is still not familiar to the mass of traders, not to the broker or to the Meta Trader itself. But the Portfolio Experts can trade without issues on the platform and I will teach you how.
    While there are plenty of courses focused on how to trade Forex on screenshots and slides, it is hard to find a practical course like this one. In this course, you will see an actual trading demonstration and you will receive ready Portfolio Expert Advisors.

    What will you learn in this Forex trading course?
    No prior experience in trading is needed - you will learn how to trade Forex with Expert Advisors. This course is geared for beginners and advanced traders.
    Most traders struggle to find a profitable strategy but even having a good one is not enough. A professional trader cannot depend on a single strategy or Expert Advisor. This is because every strategy has its losing periods and it is better to trade many strategies or Expert Advisors in one account. This way when one loses the others compensate for the loss. In this course, I will teach you not only how to trade Forex with many Expert Advisors in one account but how to create unlimited number of strategies for trading with realistic backtest results.
    The currency pair I have selected is GBPUSD. This is one of the most stable and volatile currency pair. It is a major Forex currency and because of that is has the lowest spread with the brokers.
    I will share with you the whole process I follow to create strategies daily and to select the best ones for the Portfolio Expert Advisors. I will include 3 Portfolio Experts with 100 strategies inside and more, I will update the course with new 100 strategies every month. This way you will always have strategies that are suitable for the recent market conditions.
    All you need to do is to follow the performance of the Experts and remove the strategies that lose currently. This way you will end up only with the profitable EAs. To create these Portfolio Expert Advisors I have used the strategy builder EA Studio. This way I succeeded to combine many Expert Advisors into one(if you wish to test how to trade Forex with the EA Studio, you can register for 15-days free trial and practice more advanced algorithmic trading).
    Anyway, you do not need to go over the whole process I follow because I have included the ready Portfolio Expert Advisors in the course. As well, in the end, I will show you realistic results with the system and you will decide if the results are satisfying.

    How to trade Forex is a common question with a clear answer. Risk diversification! We follow simple idea in trading which is already beneficial for our students. Every strategy has its losing phase and this is very normal. This phase could be a few days, one week or longer. No one is satisfied when trading a couple of days on a loss. So what most people do is to give up. They start looking for another strategy. This is why we trade many strategies simultaneously. This way when a strategy falls in the losing phase, the others compensate for it.
    It is a common mistake that traders look for a profitable strategy that is winning all the time consistently. Unfortunately, every strategy has losing phases. This is because the market changes daily. When trading with Portfolio Expert Advisors we diversify the risk and at the same time achieve more stable results.

    Who is the instructor?
    My name is Petko Aleksandrov and I teach traders how to trade Forex for many years now. It was a long road for me to get where I am now, it took me years to structure my trading systems, find the best strategy builders and practice thousands of strategies and Expert Advisors. However, now I am in a great path where I can trade and at the same time share my experience with others via Online Trading courses.
    Algorithmic trading is the better choice for me because:
    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. I will always give you the answer within 12 hours. It is very important to have a good and fast communication between me and my students. This way you will learn much faster and you will test the system quicker.
    If you decide that his method is not suitable for you, you can always use the 30-days money back guarantee.
    Enroll now, and I will help you bring your trading to the next level!
    Enjoy the course!


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