Набор How To Trade Forex with Commitments of Traders

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    How To Trade Forex with Commitments of Traders

    Read economic calendar and trade forex market


    What you'll learn
    • You will learn what are the forex, commodity and futures markets, who drives the prices and why. You will learn how to successfully use, analyse and trade with Commitments of Traders report. You will learn a practical application of the analysis which you will be able to incorporate into your own forex or commodity trading. You will learn how to use Speculative extremes, Speculative net positions and Open Interest density to predict major market reversals and long term trends. Commotments of Traders is applicable to all markets like Forex, Commodity and Futures.
    • Today is your chance to ditch the crowd of retail traders and become part of the elite who understand the underlining forces behind price movements in the currency markets.
    • No. Just follow Smart Money in Forex and be right more often. Learn Secrets of Commitments of Traders

    Commitments of Traders is issued by CFTC. The report gives us a powerful view on what exactly SMART MONEY has been doing in the marketplace and what their plans are. Whether you are a pro or newbie trader, once you learn C.O.T custom metrics like
    #1: Share of Open Interest
    #2: Speculative Net positions
    #3: Speculative extremes
    You will be able to
    #1: Position yourself on the right side of that market
    #2: Triple or quadruple your returns by holding your winners
    #3: Identify markets that are about to make a big move
    You will never look at charts in the same way again!

    Every serious forex, commodity or futures trader must have a long-term bias in the market. It’s important for you to get your bias sorted and filter out the noise. You need to know if you are a bull or a bear. This course will allow you to finally:


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