Набор How to trade Forex & invest in an additional income

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    How to trade Forex & invest in an additional income

    Learn the best time frame that fits your Forex trading personality


    What you'll learn
    • How the market works & what forex is.
    • Why do we trade forex?
    • Way of trading FX and comparison of methods
    • What is a pip
    • How to calculate unit size
    • Calculate trade amount
    • What is Lot Size and how to calculate your margin
    • How to trade with leverage
    • Understanding charts and Trends
    • Recap with Exercises
    • Insider information and the basic truth behind trading
    • What is Fundamental and Technical analysis? How does it affect the market
    • Where to find the information
    • Types of Charts
    • Types of Trends
    • Trading sessions, and what to look out for. Add an edge to your trading
    • Determine your Stop Loss and how to use the risk calculator to give you your trading sizes and all other relevant information
    • The rules to Risk to Reward
    • Overall understanding for Risk Management and the truth behind stop losses
    • Previous experience in the market
    • Additional from the Advanced course – Trading psychology
    • Platform basics; charting software that we use at PipMastersFX.
    • How to use Pro Real Time, and why we use it.
    • How and what instruments FX Pro Dan trades in forex.
    • How to develop which pairs you trade to start off with.
    • Trading screen set up for students with 3,2 and 1 monitors.
    • What is the PipMastersFX Scanner and how to use it in the room.
    • Additional from the Advanced course; One of the main tools FX Pro Dan uses for his trading!
    • How forex can pay out, and my previous trades – Opportunity the market gives us.
    • How to determine what brokers to use.
    • How to determine what brokers to use.
    • How much to start with and how to get trading straight away.
    • Extra information about brokers.
    • The TRUTH behind Trading!
    • What is in the Advance course
    • Nothing
    • Internet
    • Monitor
    • English spoken, but can do cantonese and mandarin if needed
    • Wanting to add an income
    • Wanting to invest
    • Wanting to learn how forex trading and trading works

    Soon to become Trader,
    Before jumping straight into trading any of the markets you should learn completely what kind of business you are getting into, so you don’t get swallowed up and burnt.
    ‘Learn to walk before you try to run’.
    The ‘Fundamental and Understanding’ course will give you an in depth understanding of how the Forex market works. You will be given information from both ends of the stick, Senior FX Broker and Professional Trading knowledge.
    At the end of the course you will be able to understand what a chart is telling you, which type of charting you want to use, the 3 main trends, how to calculate everything in Forex from trade sizes to Risk Management and finally everything you need to know to get you set up and started in making your first trade.
    The main question is what are you waiting for?
    After you have completed this course and you decide to pursue your trading career. Our Advance course will give you FX Pro Dan’s trading strategy where you will be able take it away and make it your own.
    Look forward to seeing you on the other side and investing in yourself. Happy Pipping
    FX Pro Dan
    Founder PipMastersFX


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