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    How I Trade Forex Successfully

    Watch the Live trades of a successful trader, See real time trades of 1000, 3500 dollars and more


    What you'll learn
    • See successful Forex trading in action
    • See how I make over $3500 in hours
    • Learn new trading techniques from live examples
    • After taking this course you will see how simple Forex trading can be
    • Improve your trading become a winner
    • See how I make over $2000 live
    • Be interested in learning how to trade Forex
    • Be willing to learn how to trade forex
    • Be willing to pay the price For Forex trading success

    This course is not for everyone, only persons that will appreciate watching the live trades of a professional trader as this is not a teaching course but a Trade journal.
    This is my live trading Journal, take this course if you want to see the live trades of a successful trader. If you are a beginner the only value in this course for you is learning how to use the MT4 trading platform and the value that comes from watching the live trades of a professional, of course there are techniques I apply that you can just mimic and apply to your own trading.
    When you take this Forex course you will see my live trades, you will see how I make $1400,$2400, $3500 etc sometimes in hours. You can try and learn my techniques as I discuss each trade I take. I repeat this is not a teaching course, I will not teach you techniques people pay thousands to learn for free, but you can watch the process I use in analyzing the market and do your own research.
    This course will be constantly updated with more lectures and Live trades
    This course is a compilation of some of my live trades, you will see where I entered the market, where I exited the market and hear my analysis as to why I took the trade. You will see some of the techniques I use to analyse the market such as wave analysis and VSRA analysis.
    If you are a beginner after joining this course send me a message and I will give you access to my beginners course


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