Набор High Probability FOREX Strategy using Schaff Trend Cycle

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    High Probability FOREX Strategy using Schaff Trend Cycle

    Use A Simple Systematic Trading Approach to Capture Trends in Stock, Currency and Commodity Trading


    What you'll learn
    • How to get into a trend from the start and ride it for profit.
    • Risk reward management to reach profitability.
    • Money management to prevent blowing up accounts.
    • Trading psychology to improve execution of trade.
    • Be able to use the Candlestick Price Chart
    • Passion to make money from trading the markets
    • Willingness to keep trying until you get it right

    Trading with trend has been considered the most profitable way of trading for years and will continue to be for years to come. But knowing when to get into the trend before it starts is a major problem for many Forex and stocks traders. Some actually miss the whole trend - never profiting or losing as a result. Some get on the trend in the middle and only make few pips while others get into the trend when its about to reverse and lose money doing so.
    All you need is the Schaff Trend Cycle indicator that alerts you to when the trend cycle in Forex or commodity or stocks is about change so you can get in a new trend formation before others noticed what is happening on their price chart. But note as with all other Forex or stock strategies , this strategy is not 100% accurate but can deliver 30% to 45% accuracy most of the time.
    This course is designed to be easy to understand for both beginners and advanced Forex and stock traders. You will learn what the Schaff trend indicator is and the logic behind how it creates its signals for traders. Understanding the logic behind this strategy will aid you in executing trades without doubts.
    This course makes use of trading simulator to allow students practice what they learn on the go without delay. In the simulator, you can load up price data of the past and trade is as if its in the present. This is back testing your strategy in a forward looking way which is very similar to how you trade live. This method of training ensure you have quick feedback on your trading decisions and allows you to learn from your mistake in safe environment, improving on the mistakes and getting perfect before moving on to trading live with real money.


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