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    FX Hedging explained

    Get a groundwork education in Forex by learning to understand different market types and Mastering indicator signals.


    What you'll learn
    • After attending this course you will be able to:
    • understand and identify the FX risk
    • determine the type of hedging to be implemented
    • understand and use different types of derivatives such as forwards, FX-Swaps and options
    • combine different instruments in order to build hedging strategies
    • analyze the cash flow and find the real exposure
    • make the connection between hedging strategies and financing facilities
    • understand the regulation requirements
    • You should have basic knowledge about the FX market and the problems generated by the volatility of FX rates.
    • You may find useful to have an office calculator, a pen and some white sheets of paper.

    Become an expert in hedging the FX exposure ! Learn how to master the FX derivatives instruments !
    There are a lot of risks related to a business, some of them are quite obvious, others are not.
    What happens if any of these risks take place ? How much money can you lose ? Can you quantify ? Hardly, I would say... And even if you could calculate the losses, what instruments can you use in order to protect your business ?
    The first good news about the FX risk is that it can be calculated exactly. For example, if you have an exposure of one million dollars and the FX rate moves adversely by 0.05, then you could lose 50,000. Precisely !
    The other good news about the FX risk is that you have a lot of instruments to protect. So, why not learn how to do it ?


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