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    Forex Trading

    Learn the best time frame that fits your Forex trading personality


    What you'll learn
    • Easily use the world's No1 software to trade currency (forex) successfully.
    • Reduce trading risks to an absolute minimum.
    • Spend as little as an hour each week trading.
    • No preparation is required.

    The only forex training that you will ever need
    “Trading forex can be low risk, easy to learn and does not have to use much of your time or cost a fortune to get involved in.” Jeff Fitzpatrick
    This complete, stand-alone course is revolutionary it:
    How the course works
    First you set up a free “demo” trading account allowing you as much practice as you want without risking a penny. You can practise until you have proven to yourself that you can trade successfully.
    Through 22 short, punchy lectures you will quickly become familiar with trading terms. You will build a portfolio of proven strategies and tactics and will understand a professional trading platform that is also provided free of charge.
    Constantly updated supplementary material
    Our support is second to none and lifelong. You will have unlimited, direct access to the trainers by email and Skype for as long as you need it.
    Bonus material
    We want to make this the best forex training available and the best value too. All students will therefore have access to Forex Trader Magazine, including all of our back issues.
    This is huge because it means that you will have direct access to ongoing personal development as a trader and all of the latest news and developments on an ongoing basis.
    You will also become a member of our growing community of successful home based traders.
    Get in touch
    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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