Набор Forex Trading for Beginners - Basics

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    Forex Trading for Beginners - Basics

    Blueprint Of Forex Trading - A To Z Blueprint To Get Started


    What you'll learn
    • Understand how the forex market operates
    • Understand the difference between the stock and forex market
    • Understand the benefits of leverage
    • Choose the right forex broker
    • Select the best time to trade
    • No prior knowledge of finance and trading is required. We start with the basics and build on them
    • All you need is an open mind and the passion to learn

    Welcome to Forex Trading for Beginners - Basics.
    In this course, I give you a brief introduction of forex trading.
    The material is presented through lectures, pictures, and cartoons, with as little reading as possible, making learning more interesting and EASIER TO REMEMBER! This course is for complete beginners. All knowledge taught in this course can be applied to use immediately.


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