Набор Forex SOS Course: Trading Tweaks And Working Forex Strategy

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    Forex SOS Course: Trading Tweaks And Working Forex Strategy

    Learn How To Trade Forex On Your Own!


    What you'll learn
    • Learn why you should be trading Forex
    • Have a revelation that unlocks your potential
    • Understand how to build Forex wealth by strategic design
    • Know the difference between opportunity seeking and strategic planning
    • Learn how Sun Tzu, The Red Baron and Secrets Of The Established Wealthy can help you succeed
    • Learn the best time frame to trade
    • Understand why your earning must exceed your efforts
    • You will simplify your trading
    • Know what to expect when trading one trading strategy throughout ALL market conditions
    • Understand the "Profit Geyser" Concept
    • Adopt a large account mindset
    • Identify the most important factor for success: Win Rate or Risk to Reward Ratio
    • Learn how to profit only winning 50% of the time
    • Figure out how much you should expect to earn… realistically
    • Start to think like an investor
    • Learn the 2 Step Process to life changing profits
    • Build a Forex business plan that automatically eliminates most of the pitfalls standing in your way
    • Learn the U-Boat FX Strategy (indicators and template provided)
    • See how the U-Boat FX Strategy performs in an in-depth case study
    • Learn the BUY and SELL trade rules and see example trades
    • An open mind.
    • Willingness to learn.
    • Desire to succeed.

    **Updated 12/12/2015: Course now includes the working Forex strategy called U-Boat FX Strategy, which was strategically designed for success using what is taught in the course. You get the indicators, template and rules to learn the strategy... plus an in-depth case study to show past performance and explain what to expect.**

    The Forex SOS Course is designed to take the mystery out of profitable Forex trading through education and teaching of a working, profitable trading strategy.

    There is a common factor holding traders back, that once exposed, can help struggling traders find the true path to profits. Most traders are only realizing a tiny fraction of their potential, and by going though the Forex SOS Course and applying what you learn, you can make changes that lead to significant growth and profits in the shortest time possible.
    What if you discovered the ONE THING that allows other Forex traders to achieve success while you are still struggling?
    What if identifying and addressing this ONE THING immediately fixes most of the problems holding you back from profitable trading?
    And what if this ONE THING also eliminates 90% of the hard work and long hours taking you away from friends, family and a fulfilling life… yet still produces trading profits worthy of top, professional traders?

    This ONE THING is a fundamental shift in how you approach the Forex market and prepare for success. The Forex SOS Course helps you take CRITICAL steps to eliminate and overcome the obstacles that are standing in your way of success… and clears the path to profits.

    Most traders are floating in a sea of frustration, failure and financial ruin. Regardless of whether they are just getting started, or have struggled for years, they are approaching Forex trading in a way that leads to failure. They are in need of rescue. But don't worry… your SOS distress call has been heard.

    The Forex SOS Course is designed to help you build a strong foundation from which you can launch a successful and profitable Forex trading business. In the course you will learn…

    Why Forex?

    Learn why the Forex market is a literal Utopia for traders and why you should trade this market, especially if you are just getting started.

    8 Dangerous Pitfalls Standing In Your Way

    There are 8 dangerous pitfalls, dangers or problems that are not obvious at first, that are standing in the way of you and successful Forex trading. The first step to success is to identify these pitfalls so you can avoid and eliminate them.
    8 Powerful "Lifelines" To Expedite Success

    More important than exposing the pitfalls, I going to teach you 8 Lifelines… remarkably powerful tweaks to how you approach trading Forex to help you avoid and overcome the most common pitfalls keeping traders from succeeding.

    When you understand the pitfalls standing in your way, and learn the Lifelines to avoid and overcome these pitfalls, you clear the path to your success and shave years off the learning curve.

    Nothing is hidden. These lessons were learned by years of hard work and toil trading the Forex markets with real money. But I share my hard earned knowledge so you can reach your trading potential in record time and skip straight to profits.
    But that's not all...
    The U-Boat FX Strategy

    I truly believe using the LIFELINES as a guide can help you create a profitable trading strategy. But talk is cheap. So, I created a trading strategy, called the U-Boat FX Strategy, based on the lifelines taught in this course.
    Then I do an in-depth case study to show you the strategy is profitable. The case study not only is a record of past performance, but it can lead to valuable insights into how to trade the U-Boat FX Strategy into the future. You get all the indicators, templates and rules necessary to trade the U-Boat FX Strategy exactly as it was traded during the case study period!
    This course is not just theory... but provides a working trading strategy students can use to participate in the Forex markets.

    The Forex SOS Course is ESSENTIAL for new and struggling Forex traders looking to start right, succeed faster and profit more.

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