Набор Forex Pro Trading |The Complete Guide To Becoming Profitable

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    Forex Pro Trading |The Complete Guide To Becoming Profitable

    You will learn my my main forex strategy including time management, bet size management, emotion control and more


    What you'll learn
    • Have a complete understanding of what is Forex, and how the Forex market operates.
    • Know the Difference between Base & Quoted currencies.
    • How to navigate MT4, add indicators & templates, & EMAs etc.
    • Get access to indicators & templates
    • Entry & Exit Strategies
    • How to trade in line with the trend
    • How to become successful & profitable in the Forex Market
    • Choose a Forex Broker for your account.
    • Understand the difference between long and short & the psychology behind it.
    • What a Pip & Pipette means
    • Understand the advantage of Leverage, and how it could affect your trading
    • How to process a Forex Order ( Buy/ Sell/ Buy stop/Sell stop/ Buy limit/ Sell limit)
    • By the end of this course you will be able to identify high probable setups in the Forex market
    • You will learn about the most PRECISE and HIGH PROBABLE method/strategy
    • Have the desire to succeed

    This course was established to guide and help people learn to generate a passive source of income by trading in the Foreign Exchange Market.

    Our main interest is to prepare our students to achieve their objectives by teaching them the proper strategies to staying profitable consistently. We aim to develop principled Foreign Exchange Traders by providing resources and tools needed to become successful in trading. This particular course will provide you with the basics of


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