Набор Forex PAMM - Perfect Business: Fully Automated, No Marketing

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    Forex PAMM - Perfect Business: Fully Automated, No Marketing

    Start Your Global Forex Business With Algo Trading And PAMM Account. Let The Brokers Do All The Marketing For You!


    What you'll learn
    • 32 Lectures and Over 4 Hours of Great and Clear Content
    • Understanding The Ins and Outs of Forex PAMM Account
    • Understanding Auto Trading on Meta Trader 4
    • How to Become an Automated Forex Trader Expert
    • How to Select A Forex PAMM Broker
    • How to Open A PAMM Account
    • how to Turn Your Automated Forex Account Into A Global Business
    • Basic computer skills
    • Basic knowledge in Forex Trading

    Suppose I'd describe you a certain business with the following attributes:
    1. Global
    2. Runs automatically
    3. Runs around the clock 24/6
    4. No marketing is needed ( and I mean NO MARKETING: no sales funnel, no landing page, no FB ads, no Adwords ads, NOTHING)
    5. No web site
    Would you say it's too good to be true? That there is no such animal? That I've probably drank to much..?
    Sure you would.
    Well, I'd ask you to re-consider.
    There is such a business and it's called Forex PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management)
    This is almost unbelievable, but you can easily launch your own global PAMM-centric business.
    Spell E A S Y - It's even easier.
    Why there is no marketing?
    Because the Forex brokers will do all the marketing for you!
    Now I hear you saying: Hey, sound great, but I'm not a Forex trader. .I'm only a beginner...I'm not a pro trader yet... How could I get into this business?
    I'm going to show you an incredible shortcut that will enable you to bypass all the complexities
    of Forex trading (and there are many of those!), and move straight to business.
    This is such an exciting venture, that I've decided that I'm not going to keep it all to myself.
    The Forex market is literally unlimited. There is room for everyone.
    And anyway I'm in the business of SHARING.
    This is exactly what you are going to learn in this exceptional course:
    Forex PAMM - The Perfect Business: Fully Automated, No Marketing!
    In this course, I'm going to explain to you in a very simple manner how Forex can be transitioned from TRADING to a Forex BUSINESS.
    This is a strategic paradigm shift in the way you probably perceive the Forex market today.
    You wouldn't like to miss this one. Whatever you are doing today for a leaving, that may be an exceptional
    opportunity for a considerable additional income (especially if you already trade Forex),
    or even changing course completely to become a full time PAMM accounts operator


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