Набор Forex Online Price Action Day Trading Strategy

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    Forex Online Price Action Day Trading Strategy

    How to day trade Forex for all!


    What you'll learn
    • See what exactly need to pay attention on Forex
    • Get interesting things that can help in learning Forex
    • Not follow steps of most beginner traders
    • Get logical thinking how to become trader quickly
    • Understand how to make analysis before trading on Forex
    • Learn how to find good signals for your orders
    • Setting up stops correctly and calculate aims for your orders
    • Information about periods with candlestick charts and its secrets
    • Truth about Technical and Fundamental analysis
    • Advantages and disadvantages of using indicators
    • Information that can help you to get profit instead of loss
    • Compare different kinds of Forex strategies
    • Understand how to build Forex Strategy correctly
    • Be optimistic to Forex Market
    • Be interested in Forex trading
    • As minimum basic knowledges of Forex Market
    • As minimum basic knowledges of MetaTrader 4 platform

    Short information about this course:
    Section 1 – way how to analyse Forex Market for trading
    Section 2 – way how to extract profit in day trading
    Section 3 – updated information of Section 4
    Section 4 – things I use in my Forex trading strategy
    Section 5 - FAQ
    Section 6 – recommended who just start Forex.

    Section 1 and 2:
    In these Sections, you will find a lot of useful information about analyzing Financial market. What is necessary to do before start trading Forex, opening orders or close orders, put stop-losses, take profits, etc.
    In this course you will see how I make analysis before I start working on Forex market, what I pay attention on before opening orders and what I use for analysis.
    This course will give you main things about market analysis and will decrease your time doing this process before trading.
    If you are beginner trader on Financial markets, you will find in this course everything you need about analyzing the market.
    If you are advanced trader and you are confusing while analyzing the market, this course will help you to cut all unnecessary things that you use and you will be able analyzing the market correctly and make profit.
    This course is for all people who really want to trade on Forex market and get success there.

    Section 3 and 4:
    In these Sections, you get direct information that is necessary to know for successful trading on Forex Market.
    These sections don`t contain surface or general information about Currencies, Forex, Forex Terminals, Forex Brokers, Financial Marketplaces etc.
    I will tell what you need to use for trading correctly on Forex Market and what need to avoid. Valuable information about all analysis, secrets about candlesticks, Classic patterns that you should know, indicators that were created for traders etc.
    I will show you how to work with and without stop losses and get profit in both situations. Regulate your profit while trading on Forex as you wish.
    This Course will help you to understand the Forex exactly for trading and get revenues from it, but not for general information what is the Forex and where it works.
    You can trade with my Forex trading strategy as you like: every day, once a week, once a month. Use it in intraday trading, middle-term trading or long-term trading.
    This course will overturn all your knowledge of trading Forex Market at 180 degree and you will understand simple things that are hidden from you in the books or other courses.

    Section 5:
    This Section created for Forex Traders, who just start trading Forex and have many questions to ask for going a right way.
    My active students asked me many questions and most of them are same, so I put these questions into this course. Sometimes students send me pictures with their trading or charts, and sometimes I record a video with explanation, in case if this can help other students.
    So here you can find information that you could ask me while learning my strategy, or even if you are building your own strategy, you can check the list of FAQ and connect it to your knowledge.
    If you have any question and you don’t see it in this course, you can message me I will answer you directly and if I see that this question can help other students I will publish it in this course.
    List of most popular questions that students ask me:
    1 - How to become Forex trader from beginning?
    2 - How much time I have to spend in front of computer trading your strategy?
    3 - What time you usually trade according to GMT, and how to trade with different GMTs?
    4 - How quickly I will start earning money after I check your course and learn your trading strategy?
    5 - How much money I need for trading your strategy, and what volumes should I trade and how much profit can I make?
    6 - How fast is possible to quit full-time job and become independent trader with your strategy?
    7 - Does your trading strategy reliable to be used as a full time job?
    8 - What is win and lose trades ratio?
    9 - Does your strategy based on technical analysis?
    10 - What is your maximum loss per order and profit per order, and how you control it?
    11 - Is it possible to earn 2-3-5 figures using your strategy?
    12 - How much difficult your strategy is, and how many factors need to keep in mind before making decision on entry or exit orders?
    13 - I have watched many courses about Forex and I still don’t get profit. I see you make profit and I want to copy your strategy, and do same, how can I do it quickly?
    14 - Should I follow News if I make long-term trading?
    15 - Is there a possibility to combine your strategy with other strategy?
    16 - Is it possible to make a robot on your strategy?
    17 - Is that true that Forex trading strategy will not work on Stock market?
    18 - Can I use your strategy on other financial markets, like Stock market, CFDs, Options?
    19 - Why you trade only Forex, but not try to trade Stocks, CFDs, Options?
    20 - How to avoid slow market, so I don’t spend all day and get nothing?
    21 - What pair is better to trade if EUR/USD has no movement in a day?
    22 - What to do if I have many orders made by averaging?
    23 - Do you make averaging?
    24 - How you trade on 5 minute chart, as many traders consider it as noise of the market?
    25 - I didn’t hear any information about trailing stops from you, do you use it?

    Section 6:
    This Section is for beginner traders, who just start learning Forex, and want to become successful trader on Forex Market.
    You will not find information that will teach with everything of Forex, like describing candlesticks, indicators, how to check trend on the market or support and resistance levels. Only logical information that can make your learning much easier and save your time.
    Being on a top of trading Forex I can see the whole picture how it was going in my learning, I share with you the information that you will not find in internet or in the books. This Course will help you to move right way in learning Forex, save your time and make you successful trader much faster as if you do it by your own.
    This course will overturn your mind and you will understand simple things that are hidden from you in the books or other courses.


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