Набор FOREX for Dummies – ULTIMATE Quick & Dirty Guide to Currency

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    FOREX for Dummies – ULTIMATE Quick & Dirty Guide to Currency

    The Currency Guide that takes you from Zero to One.


    What you'll learn
    • Be taken from a beginner’s level to an intermediate level by the end of the course.
    • Be given a solid trading strategy that the big boy traders use.
    • Be provided with a solid understanding of how to grow a trading business.
    • Be ready to start trading ASAP and jump-start their learning experience!
    • Time and dedication to start to learn
    • Eagerness to understand technical analysis
    • Desire to learn a solid trading strategy
    • PC, laptop, and internet.

    This course was designed from the ground up with the intention to take someone who is completing new currency trading to becoming an experienced and well-rounded trader. It combines the essential knowledge of currency trading with the more advanced knowledge of currency trading – making the students a well-rounded trader.
    This course will take you from ZERO to ONE by the time you finish.
    If you have always wanted to get involved in currency trading or learn why this is the BIGGEST market where the majority of the world’s transactions are taking place…
    Then, this course will be perfectly for you. In this course, we will cover the must-have topics – the absolute essentials while also given you a simplistic, easy-to-understand actionable trading strategy that will get you up and trading ASAP!
    We designed this course to provide topics that will catapult your understanding of the market and bring you eye-to-eye with the experienced traders. This course will also be hands-on, which means, you will be provided with numerous opportunities to practice and learn currency trading on a real or even a practice account. So you can be a part of the BIGGEST and most liquid trading market in the world and make a profession in it.
    Start your journey into the FOREX business by learning with an NLP Trainer and Day Trader, as he brings to light the essential information to get you up and running ASAP!
    By the end of this course, you will be able to discuss the following information:
    What you get:
    You will receive the 30-day no hassle MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied – seriously, no questions asked. Plus, you will receive a LIFETIME access to all add-ons, bonus material, and live demonstrations – and there will be several to look forward to.


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