Набор FOREX Currency Trading For Beginners

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    FOREX Currency Trading For Beginners

    Learn How To Trade Small Accounts with an FX Practice Trading Station.


    What you'll learn
    • Course Goal: By the end of this Beginners Forex Trading Introduction Course, beginning traders will understand all the basics of the Forex market and Forex trading. You will be able to comfortably execute well analysed trades in FX Trade Platform.
    • Course Objectives: In this course you will learn the following: Common FX Terminology, The Basics of Price Action Trading, Forex Charting, Technical Analysis, Fundamentals Forecasting and News, Traders Psychology, Money and Risk Management, Working on an FX Trading Station, and many more important subjects.
    • No prerequisite knowledge of the FX market is required.
    • General familiarity with the use a computer is required. Students will require a computer with internet connection able to stream live data at reasonable speed. The course also requires the student to download an FX Trade Practice Demo account from Нет прав для просмотра. Войдите или Зарегистрируйтесь.
    • In addition, students will need positive and objective mindset with ability in critical thinking and reserves of persistence to learn a new rewarding skill. Success in the FX markets require methodical and rational approach, rather than a disposition to swings of emotion and hope in the execution of trades.

    Learn Forex Trading. Trade under real market conditions as long as you want, risk free, using a Practice trading platform which gives you virtual money that never expires.
    The Foreign Exchange (often abbreviated as Forex or FX) market is the largest market in the world with daily trading volume of over 3.9 $trillion. With its high liquidity, low transaction cost and low entry barrier, the 24-hour market has attracted investors around the world.
    Recent technological advancement has broken down the barriers that used to stand between retail clients of FX market and the inter-bank market. The online Forex trading revolution originated in the late 90's, opening doors to retail clients by connecting the market makers to the end users.
    A chart is the most important tool for understanding what is going on in the market. Almost all traders today, particularly those who trade actively, use their preferred types of charts to analyse the market. In the end, a chart is a visual representation of the price movements, a reflection of the psychology of the market and a visualization of the interaction between buyers and sellers in the market.
    This course is structured in short and easy to follow format and is targeted at students who want to trade small accounts and learn to trade in the FX markets. The course introduces the student to experience the forex trading environment and learn with real time data flow with a reputable broker in a practice trading platform. An easy to follow, methodical approached is taught to shortlist current pairs with high probability of success. time market entry, profit taking and stop loss. Students are taught techniques for capital preservation.


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