Набор Forex Basics: Learn how to read and analyze Forex charts

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    Forex Basics: Learn how to read and analyze Forex charts

    Get a groundwork education in Forex by learning to understand different market types and Mastering indicator signals.


    What you'll learn
    • Understand how to read Candle-,Bar- & Line Charts
    • Be able to Identify Bullish/Bearish trends as well as consolidation
    • Understand the different types of brokers available.
    • Understand the different types of market instruments available for trading
    • How to add and read indicators on the MT4 Platform
    • Identify Chart Formations and Candlestick Patterns
    • Identify Support/Resistance levels Properly
    • You will need to know how to send an email and install free trading software.

    This Course focuses on the groundwork needed in order to become a successful trader. You will learn about the different Market instruments available for trading like, derivatives, stocks, forex and many more.
    We also focus extensively on Indicator training with a focus on understanding how they work & produce signals.
    What do you get?
    Video content, PPT notes, a Free Trading Platform and more.
    Included in this course as Additional Bonus Items are access to a live weekly indicator webinar series and a Coupon to be used on another course. The Webinars are a huge additional tool for learning and understand how to use indicators correctly.
    This is set up so that you can do this on your own time at your own pace. perfect way to train in a risk free environment.


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