Набор Forex 101 for the Smart Casual Trading Method™

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    Forex 101 for the Smart Casual Trading Method™

    Forex and Stocks Trading - For Beginners and Experienced - Insider Blueprints with Easy to Follow Analysis and Setups


    What you'll learn
    • Learn the basics of technical analysis using OANDA's trading platform
    • Interpret candlesticks and price patterns
    • Add and customize indicators on OANDA's trading platform
    • Gain some insights into the Smart Casual Trading Method
    • Learn the trading philosophy behind the Smart Casual Trading Method
    • Finally, a teaser into the essence of the Smart Casual Trading Method.
    • No prerequisites required.
    • You will need a PC or laptop to follow the course.

    Welcome to Forex 101 for the Absolute beginner to trade the Smart Casual Trading Method™!
    This course is designed and delivered to engage students on the very first baby steps towards trading forex using the OANDA platform. You will learn not only what you need to know and how to do them, but also what NOT you need to know or do to be a Smart Casual Trader™!
    The structure is easy to follow, lectures are 15mins or less, and are lectured live as though I am right there with you.
    I hope you will enjoy the course, and please give me feedback through your reviews of the course, and ask questions should you have any.
    Look out for more courses by me to go more in depth in the Smart Casual Trading Method™!


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