Набор Effective Forex Trading - Learn Price Action Quick and Easy

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    Effective Forex Trading - Learn Price Action Quick and Easy

    Tools to help you engage the market confidently


    What you'll learn
    • Quickly and easily identify at least 5 of the most common price action patterns present in Forex trading charts.
    • Know how to identify a trend change in the market direction ahead of many technical traders who solely rely on indicators to tell them which direction to take a trade.
    • Learn to establish a set of powerful forex trading rules that teaches you how to think like a professional trader and how to trade with discipline.
    • Basic Forex knowledge is helpful but not required.
    • A demo trading account from a forex broker is helpful if you want to practice the lessons you learn from this course, however it is not required.

    This Forex trading course takes you from the complicated world of Forex trading that is frequently cluttered with indicators and introduces you to a much easier and quieter world of naked chart price action trading using some of the most profitable and effective price action patterns found in the markets day in and day out.
    In this Forex trading using price action course you will learn the 5 most common forex price action charting patterns out of many as well as learn the rules associated with using them to effectively to gain profits by winning your trades on a more consistent basis. These popular trading patterns taught in this forex trading course focuses on using naked trading charts to very clearly identify great trading setups not only for forex trading but in other trading markets as well, such as trading stocks in the stock market.


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