Набор Double your Forex Account using the MAGIC MA trading robot

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    Double your Forex Account using the MAGIC MA trading robot

    Take out the guess work in your trading. Trade without predicting the Forex market


    What you'll learn
    • Test specific settings for the ANY Expert Adviser using the Free MT4 Strategy Tester based on the examples using the Magic Moving Average EA
    • Optimize ANY EA settings using the Free MT4 Strategy Tester based on the examples using the Magic Moving Average EA
    • Use the Optimisation information and graphs supplied by the MT4 Strategy Tester to find potential EA settings for use in the future
    • See how a totally unprofitable and high risk EA can be transformed into a high return on Investment trading tool
    • Appreciate the importance of the use of appropriate filters in increase gains on below average Expert Advisers
    • Find out how to find and load quality FREE tick data into your MT4 platform
    • How to double or quad triple your return on investment on ANY Forex robot
    • Create a meaningful Expert Adviser Strategy for any Robot they want to test
    • Access over 50 Free Forex Robots to test and optimize using the principles learnt in this course
    • Students should already have an MT4 Platform loaded on their computer. These are obtainable free of charge from most brokers.
    • Some demo Forex trading experience would be an advantage

    All Forex trading Robots and techniques have the potential to be winners!
    In this course you will learn that even the worst Forex trading system has potential of success. You will learn how to turn a very poor, losing system and EA producing 1 winner in 400 tries, into one with the potential of producing +1200% Return on investment in only 1 year and only 15 small losers our of 1088 tries. All this is achieved trading only 1 open trade at a time.
    You are provided with a free EA that normally retails for over $100 to use during this course. Download instruction are in the course
    Learn Skills and techniques to create winners
    You will develop the skill of introducing filters and result enhancers during an ongoing testing process. You will be able to apply this knowledge on most EA’s and robots. The course also provides information on where you can obtain another 50+ Expert Advisers You can use and practice the income enhancing techniques taught in this course on these too.
    Use Free Tools creatively

    You will learn how to use the MT4 Strategy Tester to not only test and optimize trading robots but also create high yielding results by further Return on Investment enhancing. A step very few Forex traders ever do when testing an EA.
    You will be able to create a setup where you can visually see the EA taking trades on the charts over a long period. Using this ability you will be able to find out exactly how the EA opens and closes trades in minutes.
    You will be able to use the Strategy Testers heat map graphs to find the most suitable settings for your trading systems.
    Develop a life long skill
    The skills you will develop during this course will be usable for the rest of your Forex Trading career. If you are serious about your Forex trading career this course is for you.


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