Набор 188% Profit in 1Year - Forex ALGO Robot Trading no indicator

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    188% Profit in 1Year - Forex ALGO Robot Trading no indicator

    Proven ALGO since 2012, Making Profit through Forex Trading in the easiest way without indicators with manual ALGO style


    What you'll learn
    • Making profit through forex in easiest way without indicators and emotionless. With a 99% student success rate. in this course we teach and reveal the secret of the High Probability Algorithm strategy that we have use all these years..
    • This course will teach you how to make profit consistently and how to trade safely in forex market.
    • You will earn income right away. you will most likely start earnings income the first month you trade using our Algorithm. Without having to know the complexity of forex trading.
    • Learning Forex Algorithm Strategy suitable for all leves of Forex Traders.
    • Free up plenty of time by automating trading.
    • Student will learn to trade using Algorithmic Style manually and no need to purchase forex robot, except if you want to trade automatically.
    • Apply Money Management : lot size, minimum capital, leverage and minimum/maximum profit target.
    • Know how to use Strategy Tester, how to import Historical data into Metatrader 4 strategy tester. Know how to Perform Backtest & Forwardtest.
    • What makes our course different than others, while in other courses lets say for example having 1000 students not all of student can practice/apply what they have learned and succeed in the market, probably you get 30%- 50% success rate. which mean only 300-500 students success rate. with our course mostly all of the student can start making money, because we teach applied strategy which can be copied/implement to all of the students account. Our course can have 99% student success rate.
    • Already know how to install the MT4.
    • An open mind to receive our theory based on years of our experience

    Start making money immediately, with no experience whatsoever in developing forex algos. No Coding needed!!
    You just apply our Trading Plan in the morning and your trading will start and closed automatically.
    In This course will teach you how to make profit through Forex in easiest way without indicators and emotionless with a 99% student success rate. No experience needed in Forex market to attend this course.
    We will reveal the secret and teach you how to trade using our proven Algorithmic Trading Style Manually, and no need to purchase a Forex Robot. We also teach how to Manage your Risk into several Account and give a supported "Closed All EA" for automatic profit taking.
    See how the ALGO works, with ROI 100% in 7 months, We do not teach THEORY in this course, we teach applied strategy that student can use right away. Student will earn money right away after finishing this course with our HIGH Probability Algorithm.


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