Набор EA Jabrix Scalper 2020

Тема в разделе "Советники, торговые роботы, эксперты MT4", создана пользователем Wasp, 23 май 2020.

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  1. Wasp

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    The adviser Jabrix Scalper uses a strategy of dynamic algorithms. This robot monitors price movements with a high degree of accuracy in tracking volatility and price speed to determine the right time to enter the market.

    A great strategy is to use deferred purchase and sale warrants to support each other 's warrants. Order escort continues until it is safe to release.
    Jabrix Scalper is Safe EA
    Has a high tendency to get high profits
    Small losses to wait for big profit
    Not Liniear but exponential
    Not Using Any Dangerous Strategy
    Easy Installation and setting and Full Auto Trade
    Will Continue to be Update to be Best Expert Advisor​

    Recomendation pairs : Runnng simultaneously on 5M timeframe EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY (if possible Spread below 1 pip)

    Just Setting VolatileThreshold = 2 for EURUSD and USDJPY VolatileThreshold=4 for GBPUSD and USDCAD

    Attention :

    Use Jabrix Scalper 2020 EA on Good Broker with Low Spread, Low Stoplevel, and Low Slippage
    trades will be protected by stop loss. Tight trailing is implemented.
    You can start to trade with $ 100 Minimum initial Deposit
    The recommended account leverage is 1:300 or more
    VPS hosting 24/7 is strongly advised.

    Parameters :

    MagicNumber = 2020 - used to identify an order.
    OrderCmt = jabrix - comments on each trades.
    Stoploss = 8- Stoploss size in pips. 8 is 8 pips.
    TrailingStop = 2 - trailing stop size in pips.
    TrailingStart = 3 - Start for running trailing in pips.
    Distance pending Order = 3 - Distance in pips for pending orders.
    MaxSpread=2 - maximum spread accepted to trade in pips.\
    VolatileThreshold = 2 - Setting for Entry Tringger. Valid Value from 1 to 6.
    Autolots = true - set to enable auto money management. If false, Fixlots is used.
    Risk = 2.0 - risk value for trades.
    Fixlots= 0.01 - lot value used if Autolots is false.

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